Welcome to UCC!

Knowing me, knowing you
UCC Festival

Join in us in a week-long festival that will show you everything you need to know before getting started at UCC!

This is what we have prepared for you


We will give you a guided tour of the UCC campus. You will be able to meet UCC staff and ask your questions directly.


Meet you peers! This is the start of your journey where you can make life long friends in college.


Get information about accommodation and finances. We will give you tips on how to find part-time jobs and how to join the UCC Credit Union.



Enjoy a day of food and fun! We will take you on a journey through famous Irish dishes that will inspire you to get to know Irish cuisine.



Friday Fun! Follow one Day in the Life of a UCC student; take part in a treasure hunt and a Quiz to win prizes!

Knowing Me, Knowing You UCC Festival