We believe in equal learning opportunities.

This is why we offer every community member the same membership plan. At Sunny Numbers, you don’t pay for individual courses. Your monthly membership gives you access to everything we offer. That means we don’t treat you based on how much you can spend. No hidden premium content or expensive packages. No contracts either, you can cancel anytime you want.

This is what you get from your monthly subscription fee:

24/7 online support: We are always here ready to help you when you need the most.

Peer Support Network: Anytime you need help, there is always someone available to talk to you. Once you log in, you will have your private account where you can interact live with other community members, ask questions, create study groups, store documents and much more.

Live Tutorials: Every week we have a variety of live mini tutorials (30 mins talk + 15 mins Q&A) about different topics related to statistics and data analysis. This is your chance to talk to experts tutors and ask questions. You can attend as many events as you want at no extra charge.

We are currently offering learning support in statistics and data analysis but more numeracy-related subjects are coming soon. We will keep you posted as we expand our features and content.

Your monthly membership helps to support our social learning community so you can have unlimited access to any courses or activities we offer anytime, anywhere. Sign up now to make learning statistics as easy as a conversation with friends!

Sunny Numbers Membership

Sunny Numbers Monthly Membership