What is a Sunny Number?

What’s a sunny number you may ask? Most people think it's just a fun phrase to make maths sound less scary. I love the sound of it because it has such a friendly and positive vibe, but the actual meaning might be slightly less romantic. In reality, it has nothing to do with visions of numbers dancing in the sky around the sun or whatever else your imagination might think.

The definition of a sunny number states: “A number N is called a sunny number if the square root of the number N+1 is an integer number. For example: 24 is a sunny number because 24+1 = 25 has a square root of 5 which is an integer.”

There is definitely some daunting terminology in there but look, you’ve learned something new already. That’s our primary objective. We want to teach you some of the tips and tricks that will aid your understanding of maths and statistics. Especially statistics. We love statistics.

Stats are everywhere. Some of us don’t mind it and others might cry at the mere sound of the word. I think it might boil down to your outlook on mathematics when you were in school - if you consistently did your maths homework and got along with your teacher or if you would concoct the most bizarre excuses to avoid doing any sums at all.

Delving into the topic of statistics may seem like we’re opening Pandora’s Box - trouble may follow, what lies ahead seems daunting, but in hindsight it’s actually not that bad. It’s also proving increasingly important to have a grasp of stats concepts in the world we live in. There are REAL people behind those REAL statistics. Between a pandemic and our planet deteriorating before our very eyes, I’m sure you’d like to know where those numbers are being pulled from and not be intimidated by the overwhelming amount of information being thrown at you.

Where do we lie among all this? We shall refrain you from running a mile in the opposite direction from everything statistics related. We’re here to engage in healthy conversation about what’s actually happening in the world. From discussing hot topics in the media, how to choose the right distribution for you and the centuries-old war of “R vs Python: Battle Royale”, we’ll guide you through the nitty-gritty details of it all. We’re here to share our statistics secrets with you and confide in you about the reasons we’ve stuck around with stats for this long.

Consider this a safe space. Having trouble? Write to us. We’re all friends, we don’t judge. Almost like a non-judgemental Breakfast Club. So grab a coffee and prepare for a good ol’ time.

My name is Saoirse Trought and I am a 3rd year Mathematical Sciences student at University College Cork, Ireland. Besides my obvious interest in all things maths, I happen to be fluent as Gaeilge. I enjoy sailing (although I am extremely accident prone), staycation-ing and attempting to run UCC MathSoc. I'm looking forward to combining some of these interests with statistics and seeing where it takes us!