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Statistical Analysis For Beginners is a great tool for anyone who wants an introduction to statistics for academic research.

This course is particularly beneficial to first year university students that need to attend mandatory statistics modules as part of their programme.

However, it can also be valuable to postgraduate students and professionals that wish to refresh the basics of statistical analysis.

Course Description

Easy and comprehensive introduction to statistics for academic research. 

This course explains step-by-step the main topics that you need to master in order to conduct statistical analysis.

You don’t need any specific software to complete this course. Pen, paper and a calculator will suffice. You are free to access the content in any order you wish. The course consists of 20 lessons. You have the option of taking a final test at the end. If you are successful, you will receive a certificate of completion.

In addition, you can also count on 24/7 support of our tutors to help you to understand the content. If at any point you feel lost or confused, just drop us an email.

We hope this is your starting point to start appreciating statistical analysis. Happy learning!