Before You Get Started

It is common knowledge that statistics does not inspire a lot of excitement from university students. Let me ask you, why do you think that happens?

It  might be the case that some of us had a poor experience learning maths at school and now we are afraid of anything remotely numerical. Alternatively, we may simply don’t understand why on earth you have to study statistics as a mandatory module at university.

Another reason why you may not be jumping with joy at the prospect of learning statistics is because you may not know exactly how you are going to make use of it in your professional career.

Another possibility might be that you are deliberately avoiding statistics because you hold unhelpful misconceptions such as that you are not smart enough or you can not do it. Does any of this sound familiar?

What is really important to tell you is that there is no reason to fear or avoid statistics. Anyone can learn it. Even if your experience with statistics in the past was challenging, you have the potential to start appreciating your amazing new data skills today.

In order to complete this course, you do not have to love statistics.

Just be curious and open-minded about your learning experience. Break free from any negative misconception that you may have had in the past and allow yourself to see statistics as your friend, not your enemy!

This is how this course works:

You are free to explore the content in any order that you wish. However, make sure to read the Introduction section beforehand.

The course consists of 20 lessons. After completion, if you wish, you can take a brief test in order to receive your certificate of conclusion. The test will be available 7 days after your enrollment in the course.

If you are struggling to understand a topic for a personal research project, thesis or assignment, drop us a line and we will do our best to support you.

If you get stuck because you can’t understand a specific topic or concept, just send an email to You will get an answer either by e-mail or Zoom.  

You are encouraged to ask questions and make your suggestions on how to improve the content.

Always remember that this is a “living” course. That means we are constantly updating it to improve your learning experience. Every time we add or review a section you will be notified by e-mail.

We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. Let’s get started!