How To Create A Data-Driven Culture In Your Organisation


Everyone in your organisation needs to be aware of the importance of creating and maintaining good quality data. This is a sports team and everyone has a role to play.

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In order to create and nurture a data-driven culture, organisations need to invest time and resources on data governance.

The first step consists of devising a solid data strategy that across every department and reaches every member of the organisation.

Next, in order to ensure consolidation of a new data governance approach, the organisation has to monitor its progress to maintain consistency.

It is important that organisation create a centralized data management strategy to make it easier to spot mistakes at the source.

Cleaning data is an extremely time-consuming endeavour. Therefore, the flow of data across the organisation needs to be constantly monitored and clean and it should not be looked at only when a problem arises.

Data quality is a long-term commitment that requires constant care and attention.

In addition, when organisations standardize data processing, it creates a blueprint that is easily followed across every department. This includes eliminating data duplicates and sanitising data platforms, for instance.

Moreover, standardization of data processes helps teams to optimise time spent searching for information and trying to navigate datasets.

Once team members are confident that the data collected is clean, there is a greater encouragement to optimise its value.

The ultimate desired outcome for any organisation is to be in a position where all data is clean are ready to be analysed properly. After that, the goal is to extract valuable insights that will become actionable behaviour.

In sum, ensuring data hygiene is a must for any organisation with ambition to become data-driven. Implementing a data quality strategy is a complex process that involves many stakeholders and requires consistent monitoring.

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