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What we offer

Easy to understand data science

There is a reason why statistics is mandatory in a vast amount of university programmes. Reliable data analysis is at the heart of science. In order to conduct research projects, you need to know how to collect, analyse and report your data.

Sunny Numbers helps you to build your data skills in a supporting learning environment. Our goal is to increase your confidence working with data.

Sharing The Joy Of Data

Our Journey

Sunny Numbers was born from an academic research conducted by Cleidi Hearn investigating statistics anxiety amongst higher education students. This research sparked her interest to develop an e-learning tool to help students to overcome the fear of numbers.

This study was further developed from an idea to the creation of an e-learning platform with the support of the Ignite programme business incubator located at University College Cork, Ireland.

We currently support over 100 students from 4 countries and we plan to continue expanding our courses in the global market.

Why Join Us

Overcome Statistics Anxiety

We believe empathy and a non-judgmental learning environment are key to help you to feel comfortable with data.

Boost Academic Performance

We want you to succeed in your academic journey. Data skills can broaden your prospects in the workplace and academia.

Flexible Learning

Our online courses allow you to create your own studying schedule. You no longer need to wait for your next lecture to revise a topic or ask a question.

Save Time

No more spending hours online looking for resources. No need to waste time being confused and lost.

Personal Attention

You can contact us anytime to ask a question. Have a stress-free and personalised learning experience.

Bite-sized Content

We developed our content in small chunks of knowledge with a clear, easy-to-understand language. You won't feel overwhelmed.

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