About Sunny Numbers

Sunny Numbers is an EdTech start up specialized in gamified statistics apps.


We are currently developing the prototype of our first product which is a gamified app to help college students to learn statistics, anywhere, anytime.  The business also offers online statistics anxiety consultancy for higher education students.

Our gamified statistics app offers a convenient, playful and engaging learning experience that minimizes statistics anxiety. We are expecting to launch our app in November 2020.

There is a substantial body of research suggesting that statistics anxiety can compromise undergraduate students’ performance in statistics courses. Around 80 per cent of psychology students report some level of statistics anxiety during their academic journey.

Our business is committed to donate part of its profits towards registered charities that provide math education to underprivileged students in Ireland. The long-term vision is to expand globally and continue to invest in technology to create more innovative products within the maths EdTech industry.

About Cleidi Hearn

Sunny Numbers was born from my desire to help students to overcome statistics anxiety.

I have a background in teaching and research, and I have recently finished a degree in applied psychology at University College Cork, Ireland. I am fluent in English, Portuguese and French. I am member of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

In my first year as a psychology student at UCC, I created a statistics study group. In my final year, I designed a research study focused on statistics anxiety and I created a website (statsstudio.ie) with free statistics learning content. 

The findings of my study supported previous studies suggesting that up to 80% of college students struggle with statistics anxiety at some point in their academic life.  After experimenting with a variety of solutions to help college students to overcome statistics anxiety, I decided to work on the development of gamified apps to encourage students to learn statistics without the psychological barriers that may hinder successful learning.

My goal is to use gamification to help students to learn statistics in a fun, easy and interactive way. 

"Gamification is 75% psychology and 25% technology"

- Gabe Zimmermann

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