About Sunny Numbers

Sunny Numbers is an edtech startup specialised in gamified statistics. We create mobile games to help you to learn statistics in a convenient, playful and engaging way.

We are currently developing the prototype of our first product which is a mobile game to help higher education students to learn statistics, anywhere, anytime.  

Our mobile game offers a convenient, playful and engaging learning experience that reduces statistics anxiety. 

There is a substantial body of research suggesting that statistics anxiety can compromise undergraduate students’ performance in statistics courses. Research suggests that up to 80% of students report some level of statistics anxiety during their academic journey.

Our business is committed to donate part of its profits towards organisations that provide maths education to underprivileged students in Ireland.


Our long-term vision is to expand globally and continue to invest in technology to create  innovative products within the maths edtech industry.

About Cleidi Hearn

My mission is to make statistical skills easy, fun, and accessible to everyone. I am passionate about helping students to overcome statistics anxiety.

I have a background in teaching and research, and I have recently completed a degree in applied psychology  (First Class Honours, Class 2020)  at University College Cork, Ireland. My final year thesis was a quantitative research study on statistics anxiety. The results suggested  that online interventions may decrease statistics anxiety amongst higher education students. I am fluent in English, Portuguese and French. In addition, I am member of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

I completed the Student Inc. programme (Summer 2020) which gave me a strong foundation in entrepreneurship. In addition, I am currently taking part in the Start-Up Lab programme at University College Cork (Autumn 2020).

Sunny Numbers has been kindly supported by Cork City Local Enterprise Office.   


I also have a huge debt of gratitude to everyone that is part of my startup journey:

    Software Development: 

  • Cathal Hoare, lecturer and researcher at School of Computer Science, University College Cork.


  • Dr Michael Cronin, Senior Statistics Lecturer, School of Mathematics at UCC.

  • Dr Eric Wolsztynski, Statistics Lecturer, School of Mathematics at UCC.


    Maths Anxiety:

  • Dr Flavia Santos, Cognitive neuroscientist with expertise in numerical cognition, School of Psychology at UCD.



  • Dr Conor Linehan, gamification researcher, School of Applied Psychology at UCC.


    Blog Editor:

  • Saoirse Trought, 3rd year Mathematical Sciences student at University College Cork.  UCC Maths Society Chairperson.


     Digital Marketing: 

  • Ellie Mahony, Masters in Public Relations at Dublin Institute of Technology.

We aim to use technology, statistics and psychology to create the best educational experience possible. If you would like to know more about our work, I would love to hear from you.

Email: cleidihearn@sunnynumbers.com

Twitter: @cleidihearn

LinkedIn: Cleidi Hearn

"Gamification is 75% psychology and 25% technology"

- Gabe Zimmermann